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About Elanthia

Amaltea, a half-elf ranger, has had many adventures and has made many friends all over this alternate world. Here you will find many of her friends.

I wish to thank everyone involved with the stories behind these portraits.

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Lady Kairia O'Tambrea

Lady Kairia O'Tambrea

It’s been a month since she was told she would have to leave. She’s certain no other princesses have been told that they must leave their homes and all they knew just to “do the gods will”. And all because she is part angel. Is it her fault that her mother fell in love with an angel or that her mother is an elven queen?

Her maids have come and gone. Helping her to gather her belongings and to choose the most necessary ones. Her alchemy sacque was a must. It had all of her potions and other magical supplies in it. Her favorite staff. The one that her mentor had added a special fire magic to. Carefully smoothing her robes over her kirtle, she sits by the window to gather her thoughts once more. She feels like she’s been doing a lot of this lately. So much to think about… So many changes… What was she to do now? Time seems to stand still for a while as she sits there in the window. The only sound, her wings fluttering slightly as she shifts to become more comfortable or as the wind rises and falls.

Her mother knocks tentatively on the door before entering. "Kairia, are you ready, child?"

"Yes mother. But, are you sure this is the only way?" She looks to her mother for a final glimmer of hope. Seeing none, she gathers her things and follows her outside.

As they walk towards the woods south of the castle, her mother stops her and places a small case into Kairia’s hand. "Kairia, the anklet in this case will always protect you and will help you remember where you’ve come from as time passes. Wear it always and never doubt that your father and I love you. The gods have a plan for you. The enemy knows this and that is why you must leave. You will be safe as long as you follow the path the gods have laid before you. Hurry my child and know that my heart goes with you."

With a final hug and tears running down her tiny face, she climbed into the waiting wagon. It would be months before she would step foot into her new home. As the castle faded into the landscape with sunset, Kairia laid her head down and fell into a deep, but troubled sleep.

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