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Amaltea, a half-elf ranger, has had many adventures and has made many friends all over this alternate world. Here you will find many of her friends.

I wish to thank everyone involved with the stories behind these portraits.

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Lady Brownyng Borouk

Lady Brownyng Borouk

Lady Brownyng's personal history can essentially be divided into two parts: Pre-Enegue and Post-Enegue. Pre-Enegue consisted of only her first five trainings; on the day of her fifth training, she joined her friend, Cullien DeChezeray, and her sister, Bronnwyn, to be inducted as a member of the Silvergate Inn and her life would never be the same. It was the day she met Lord Enegue LionHeart, one of Elanthia's most famous adventurers and the Silvergate's owner. It could hardly be called love at first sight; Cullien whispered to Brownyng "Did you look at him?! He's GORGEOUS!!", to which Brownyng replied 'Eh....he's not my type.' In spite of those famous words, which the now Lady Cullien will never let her friend live down, the truth of the matter was that Brownyng felt that there was no way a man of Enegue's stature would even look twice at her, and saw no reason to waste her time.

However, it was difficult for the young healer to ignore the handsome Innkeeper for long, and she began finding herself (quite by accident, of course) in the Silvergate's Lounge resting from healing at precisely the same time that Enegue emerged from his room to induct new members each day. Enegue, too, began noticing her, and the two began a flirtation that lasted for several months. Each day, Brownyng would be in the Lounge when Enegue arrived. Each day, she would amuse the Lounge by giving his induction tour speech before he could ("This is the private Lounge. The drinks on the bar are on the house...."). And each day, Enegue would shock the Silvergate by staying in the Lounge after inductions to talk to and flirt with Brownyng, whereas before he would always immediately retire to his rooms. (Unless there were dues to be collected, that is.)

The feelings between the two grew by leaps and bounds, and everyone seemed to be convinced of their affections for each other except for Brownyng herself. After she had admitted her feelings for Enegue to one particular friend, that friend had warned her that Enegue flirted with everyone and that his outward expressions of affection toward Brownyng meant nothing. Brownyng began to be more cautious after that. (It would turn out that the woman who said that had had designs on Enegue herself; Enegue was actually very reserved, and rarely openly flirted with women.) But the rest of the world had no doubts of Enegue's feelings for the young healer; he began traveling into Town Square Central to see her (he is notorious for shying away from crowded areas), and began inviting her to join him on inductions. On All Hallow's Eve, he took her for a walk, and convinced her his affections were real by presenting her with a moonstone band.

On December 7th, 1996, Elanthia was shocked to learn that after five years of bachelorhood (he had lost his wife to a shipwreck five years before), Lord Enegue LionHeart and the then-12th level Brownyng had eloped. The wedding was small and simple. Wearing a borrowed dress, Brownyng joined Enegue at the House Clerk's office. The site was chosen because so much of their courtship had been spent there. With only Anthius, the House Clerk, as a witness, the couple was married, speaking vows written by Lord Enegue, by his cousin, Lady Soulsaver. Afterwards, the two hosted Silvergate's first Winter Gala as husband and wife.

The following year was not easy for Brownyng as she attempted to find her place in the world. She had not even been titled when she suddenly became "Lady of the Manor", receiving riches, fame and notoriety that most people could not dream of achieving so quickly. She threw herself into building Silvergate into a place bustling with activity, but after a year, realized that both her health and her marriage were suffering. Realizing that she was working as hard as she was to "prove" to others that she "deserved" Enegue, she began to understand that her love for her husband was the only thing that mattered, and rededicated herself to him completely.

Part of that rededication came on their first year anniversary, when they renewed their vows in the traditional RuneRing ceremony of Ta'Illistim, the great Elven House. Lord Raphael and Lady Misdy officiated the ceremony, held inside Silvergate's grand Performance Hall and attended by nearly 300 people. Lady Cullien and Lady Mistyrose served as honour attendants, and each presented a small offering as part of the ceremony. As each of the runes on the rings were invoked, a gem was presented by a friend of the couple's that represented the rune's quality (trust, fidelity, friendship, contentment, passion and love). The gems were presented with short, heartfelt speeches by Lord Celtic, Lord Dartaghan, Lord Kree, Lord Quiet and Lady Ylena. Brownyng's outfit caught the eye of many of the guests; it was a maternity gown. Enegue and Brownyng announced the expected birth of the Silvergate heir that night.

On July 11th, 1998, Lady Brownyng gave birth to Enegue's son and heir, named after one of Elanthia's greatest adventurers and Enegue's old hunting partner, Ilstar.

Brownyng's life has been dominated by her husband and her love for him. She has given up the fame, experience, spells and other things that other women enjoy for the man that she cares about more than anything. The best way to describe Lady Brownyng Borouk-LionHeart is as a devoted wife, and now, a doting mother.

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