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About Elanthia

Amaltea, a half-elf ranger, has had many adventures and has made many friends all over this alternate world. Here you will find many of her friends.

I wish to thank everyone involved with the stories behind these portraits.

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Lady Alixi Cheysu

Lady Alixi Cheysu

From Alixi's Library

The Past

I was born of a dark elven mother, and a giantman father. My father I never knew, more because my mother never was very particular about who she bedded down with. This caused problems when I was growing up, as I found out that for whatever reason, my mother was always entertaining vistors past the wee hours. When I grew old enough to understand what was happening, there was a bit of an arguement, a large sack that I was stuffed into, and a dark, long and bumpy ride to who knew where.

After being dropped, I stayed in the sack for a while, not knowing what was out there, and being very afraid that I was in a very dangerous place, I attempted to stay very still. After a listening for a while and hearing nothing, I ripped a hole in the sack and peeked out. As far as I could tell, I was in the woods, and there was a very noxious stench in the air. Suddenly, there were footsteps...

I must have made some movement, because the next thing I knew there was a stick being poked hard into the sack, as if to test the contents. I wriggled a bit to get out of the way, and whimpered, scared of what was to happen. The top of the sack was opening, the ground wasn't there anymore, and I was uncerimoniously dumped on the ground. Looking up, I saw a tall man looking rather bemused at his find. He wore very ornate garments, and had many scars as well.

I babbled a bit, cowered in the corner,(what corner I could find in the woods), and sobbed. He leaned over and checked my arms and legs for bruises, and finding one, took it onto himself. Amazed, and confused, my mouth dropped open. Here was this important looking man, helping me out, and just found me in a sack on the ground. I was dumbfounded. He picked my off the ground, dusted me off and said in the common tongue, "Here, now, you'll be ok. What on Elanthia were you doing in that sack?" I stammered out something about my village, and what happened. He looked at me with an appraising eye, saying, "It's a wonder that you weren't hurt more then that bruise being dragged like that. You hungry?" I nodded.

He took my hand in his, murmured some words and moved his hands in a odd gesture and everything turned black for a moment, then when it cleared, we were at a town, near a gate. Walking quickly, he led me to a nearby tavern, and sat me down at a dining table. Ordering a meal, which I gobbled down quickly, he sat and watched. He then spoke quietly, "Whats your name?" Swallowing my meal down and wiping my mouth with my sleeve, I said, "Alixi... My last name is..." I thought quickly..."Cheysu". "Whats yours?" I asked, blushing at my boldness. "My name is Lord Ravenstorm". He spoke again, "Do you have any family here?". I shook my head vigorously, "No." "Well, if you would like..." he paused for a moment thinking, "after what you've been through, you probably need a helping hand, and a parent of some sort." Blinking at him, I said nothing. "I would be willing to help you out a bit, and be.. well... " he coughed "your adopted father." I blinked again, and stared at him, amazed at his kindness. I nodded... "I'd... like that..."

That afternoon was quite busy, I met my new family, and those that I didn't meet, my new father told me about them. There was my grandfather, Lord Mojo, a bard who love the bars. My grandmother, Lady Eivar, a famous healer. My aunt Aivylark, also a bard, and even more.. the names all blurred together, and I tried to remember them all, should I meet them in the town.. Lady Kali was related in some way, Lord Dmitri and his wife, Lady Tala, a cousin, Ohr and too many more. I was overwhelmed. I had gone in the space of a day, from an outcast, to a member of a loving family. I swore that I would follow in my adopted fathers footsteps, and be a healer like him. He taught me the basic ideas and then sent me to go visit another healer named Lady Ellie. The time passed quickly then.

Throughout the years that I tutored with Lady Ellie, I learned many things. Wanting to make my family proud, I trained very hard, and learned all that I could. When I made Lady, the look on my fathers face when he found out was one of happiness.

The Future

My plans are to continue with my training, along with helping out other young adventurers in their trainings. I plan on either dedicating my time to helping others in the form of a school of some sort, or perhaps even dedicating my life to the gods, should they accept me. I also would like to have a few children of my own, making my sisters aunts, and my grandmother Eivar a great-grandmother. (She hates that idea, she even hates being called grandma) and finding my grandfather Lord Mojo, who was last seen at Helga's with my Aunt Aivylark.

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