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Amaltea, a half-elf ranger, has had many adventures and has made many friends all over this alternate world. Here you will find many of her friends.

I wish to thank everyone involved with the stories behind these portraits.

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Schannon Wavelern

Schannon Wavelern

Twas once upon a battle so fierce
This tale begins with a warrior bold.
With might he hoped that he could pierce
A pyrothag's hide... for some gold.
The pyro battled swift and sure
As did the man from on high.
But swifter was his blade so pure
That soon the pyro did die.

Within a few moments the warrior he did search
And to his surprise... was a box made of birch
Mere seconds before the beast's decay.
A crack and a boom and out there did pour
The contents they did spill from inside.
And there in the midst of the prizes galore
A bottle of fireflies.

Taking the object in his mammoth hands
He rubbed it so that he could see
Just what sort of prize in all of the lands
Would be found by a man such as he.
A puff of smoke! A flash of light!
And there before him stood
The most enchanting woman of pure delight
Making him glad for his manlihood.

"My name is Schannon," the vision spoke.
"To whom do I speak to now?"
"Me name tis Darche," he said with a choke,
And made an awkward bow.
"Well met," said she, "And blessed too..."
"For by freeing me... you gain a prize."
"Whatever your desires... thrice shall I do..."
"Making them appear before your eyes."

Clearing his throat and scratching his head,
The mighty warrior did think.
But while warriors excell at making things dead...
At mental activity they stink.
So mumbling aloud, the lone warrior said,
"I wish I could think of something."
With a nod and a wink, and a turn of her head,
"Your wish is granted," Schannon did sing.

And think he did, of things a'many
More thoughts than e'er he likely had.
He remembered his past mistakes a'plenty
Including his role as a dad.
It was upon this thought that he proudly stated,
"I ken what me next wish will be..."
"In me long life, I've often... well... mated,"
"Offspring have I, ten and three."

"Tis me wish that me children learn from their mother"
"No matter where'er they may be"
"They shall learn o' their past and o' each other"
"And grow to more power than e'en me"
"That through the rejoining o' me clan"
"Truth and honor shall they seek"
"Then I shall truly be an immortal man"
"This tis the wish that I speak."

With a nod and wink, and the turn of her head
Once more the wish was done.
"A wiser wish have I never heard," Schannon smiled and said.
"Now wishes left... you have but one."
As the old warrior looked on the sight he did see
He had but one heart's desire.
And so with this did he speak to the genie
"I'm afraid that you've lit such a fire."

"Although I have known many in me day"
"None have touched me such as ye."
"Tell me how... with you might I stay"
"That my love might fore'er be."
Shocked and amazed, Schannon did answer,
"I'm afraid as long as a slave am I..."
"To the power and duty of the bottle, sir"
"Love for me... I must deny"

"Then slave no more! Your duty begone!"
Said Lord Darche with so much power.
"So that to ye may me heart belong"
"That is me final desire."
Once more with the nod, the wink and the turn
Once more... a powerful shudder.
Then it was that the flame of his heart did burn
For the love of yet another.

Schannon, the woman who now held his heart,
Then rose up off the ground.
She smiled and said, "I must now depart,"
"But I'm sure you'll see me around!"
Confused, Darche, just stood in silent awe,
Surely there was some mistake.
"Silly boy," said she, "I just quoted law"
"But freeing me you did not make..."
"Me into your love. But you gave of your own heart."
"I really did tell to you the true."
"That love you I could not.. while genie I was caught"
"But would not still won't I do."

She scooped up the bottle, sealed the top,
And tucked it safely away.
Slave to the bottle... now freed this day
Never a slave again she did plan.
Why tie herself down, with love and desire
When all her life she did crave
No attachments or duties... just songs from on high
And singing from that day on she gave.

While wonder you may, o' Darche's broken heart
Whate'er became o' lonely ol' him.
Well he stared and stared as his love did depart
Then his face broke into a broad grin.
Pondering old love ballads and hymns.
He thought long... and he thought real hard
Then saw the humor of his bungled last wish.
He'd not asked for her love to hold in his heart...
But only wished of his to give.

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