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These portraits are a menagerie of faraway lands unrelated to RhyDin or other. I hope you enjoy your visit to these fantasy worlds.

These portraits are commissioned by the people playing that particular character, please do not use them for your own characters.

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"Tis said that even on the coldest of nights, the sea carries some sort of warmth. Which is more than can be said for the heart of Celia."
- A retired sailor

Celia is the result of the unfortunate rape of a young barmaid and a drunken soldier. At the age of two she was sold by her dishonored mother to a wandering band of gypsies who gave her her name and schooled her in the mysterious arts of sorcery. However, when she learned the truth of her past at the age of sixteen she ran away, with her jeweled circlet as her only possession, to a port city where she became a barmaid until a local nobleman decided to marry her. However, when she revealed her origins her suitor became disgusted and cast her out of his house. Her heart broken and honor stained by her past, she decided to serve on a merchant ship, using the magic she had learned from her gypsy teachers to bring wind to its sails when there was none. However, when ruffian sailors sought to take advantage of her beauty she brought the more deadly spells of her talent to bear. She soon felt a chilling, cynical pleasure each time Celia put a man in his place and she began dressing in more ‘revealing’ fashions, daring any man to try her. In time, her skill with the sword matched her power with magic. Even her employer now harbors a secret anxiety whenever she is near.

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