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These portraits are a menagerie of faraway lands unrelated to RhyDin or other. I hope you enjoy your visit to these fantasy worlds.

These portraits are commissioned by the people playing that particular character, please do not use them for your own characters.

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High Elf (An'duim)

High Elf (An'duim)

The knowledge that they are the direct descendants of the "First Elves" lends a haughty tone to the high elves dealings with other elves. High elves acknowledge no genealogical relation to humans and consider the "First Elves" as evolutionary progress borne of the sylvani alone. Their glacial stare is legendary, and they are not well loved by other elves or non-elves; they are, however, given a respectful berth. High elves are renowned for their city planning and building, and their city-states are the most beautiful cities on all of Ilhe. The city-states harmonize with the land around them, presenting nature at her unequivocal best. High elves are also well known for their cloth work (used in both attire and armor). Their ability to make tightly woven, light armor is the culmination of centuries of study in the properties of different kinds of cloth.

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