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Dinkies Pirate

Yo ho ho and a bottle of… Oh my gods that’s so cute! Sail the cutest of the seven seas as a Dinkies Pirate!

The sword is scripted with a simple draw/sheath script. The outfit comes for male and female dinkies. But ladies, you can pillage the boy’s clothes chest and wear their outfit too!

Prim parts and mesh are copy/mod. Animations and scripts are copy only.

Dinkies Female Pirate

Dinkies Male Pirate

Dinkies Pirate Boots

Available at Designs by Isaura


If you like the Dinkies avatar and like mermaids then you will like the MerDinkies. The rigged mesh unisex tail has flexi fins and comes in 8 colors: Black, blue, gold, green, opal, pink, purple and red. Seashell top with belt and matching hair is sold separately. Mermaid AO is not included, but it does include instructions for modifying your avatar and suggestions for mermaid AOs.


MerDinkies Colors 1

MerDinkies Colors 2

Available at Designs by Isaura

Cherry Blossom Fairy

Spring is here! The cherry blossoms are in bloom! Wait. What is that in the cherry trees? It’s moving. It’s so cute you might fall over. AW! It’s a little ball of fur wearing the Cherry Blossom Fairy outfit!

The Dinkies and Roo Outfits include: Rigged mesh top, flexi skirt, and arm cuffs.
The Tinies Outfit has a mesh top, non-rigged.

There are 2 sets of wings included, scripted and unscripted. The scripted wings are copy only.

Roo Cherry Blossom Fairy

Dinkies Cherry Blossom Fairy

Tiny Cherry Blossom Fairy

Available at Designs by Isaura

Dinkies Hoedown

Yeehaw! Dos-ee-doe! Swing your partner round and round! Watch your tail and don’t fall down! Your little Dinkies can be ready for a round-up, rodeo, or hoe-down in this lovely little ensemble. Better lasso it now, Buckaroo!

The outfit includes the white shirt (with and without sleeves), shorts and hat. The sleeveless shirt is to be worn under the jacket. The boots come in 2 colors: black and brown. The jacket and boots are sold sepparately.

Dinkies Hoedown Outfit

Dinkies Denim Jacket

Dinkies Cowboy Boots Brown

Dinkies Cowboy Boots Black

Important Note: This outfit is for Dinkies only, it will not be available for Tinies or Roos (sorry).

Second Imporant Note: The Tiny Corner moved to the second floor to its own room!

Available at Designs by Isaura

Sunday’s Best

Spring? Spring! OMG SPRING! As we head into that lovely season, it’s time to break out the dresses and hats. Get dolled up in your Sunday Best and enjoy the season!

The dress comes in 4 colors: Baby Blue, Baby Pink, Lavender and Sunshine. This dress is avalable for Roos, Dinkies, and Tinies.

The Dinkies dress can be worn without the flexi skirt.

Dinkies Sunday's Best

Roo Sunday's Best

Tiny Sunday's Beset

Available at Designs by Isaura