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Blue Morpho Fairy Outfit

You’ll Be Beautiful in Brilliant Blue!

This new gown and hair are the epitomy of the gorgous Morpho Butterfly and its electric colors will insure that you shine wherever you’re flitting off to! For Dinkies, Roos and Tinies, this is the most gorgous you will feel all summer!

The outfit includes a pair of scripted wings (copy only), and a pair of unscripted wings. Mesh hair sold sepparately. The Dinkies hair is rigged for the Dinkies Kitty, it will not work with the rabbit or any other head. If you wish to buy hair for the rabbit, purchase the Tiny version. It is mod/copy and can be adjusted to different heads.

Dinkies Blue Morpho Fairy

Roo Blue Morpho Fairy

Tiny Blue Morpho Fairy

Available at Designs by Isaura