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Thursday, January 13th, 2011

Dress yourself in embossed leather and flowing silks. You can almost hear the leather cracking as your avatar moves to worship Loviatar. Also known as The Maiden of Pain and The Willing Whip, Loviatar is the evil goddess of agony and is both queen and servant to the greater god Bane. Loviatar is a cold-hearted bully, calculating and despotic; she is the master of inflicting physical and psychological suffering and her portfolio includes Pain, Hurt and Torture. Her symbol is a nine-stranded whip, with barbed strands.

Bringing pain and suffering is the aim of all Loviatans, either through physical torture or sometimes more subtly and psychologically. Beauty, intelligence and acting are useful attributes of a Loviatan, but the ability to fully understand someone is the best skill a Loviatan can acquire, as knowing someone fully can help a Loviatan inflict maximum pain, one way or another.

The full outfit includes top, bottom, flexi skirt, gloves, choker, pauldrons, upper arm cuffs, arm guards, thigh high boots, and a scripted whip with animations for drawing, standing, attacking and sheathing.

All system clothing is copy only, prim parts are copy/mod, scripts are copy only.

The boots are also sold separately, and include a version with alpha layers.

The Loviatan hair is sold in 16 colors and comes with a version without the headpiece. Hair is copy/mod.

Phaerthrae skin available in my store.

Available at Designs by Isaura