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Tiny Angel

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

Tiny Angel

Angels we have heard on high! Singing sweetly through the night! Singing? Purring? Barking? Whatever you’re doing, you’ll be the perfect picture of innocence and purity… Fool them all!

The outfit comes with matching shoes, wings, halo and harp. Nothing is scripted, the wings and harp are just pretty props. Prim parts are copy/mod, system clothing copy only.

The hair on the picture is Tiny Victoria.

Available at Designs by Isaura

Tiny Red Carpet

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

This is a tiny black tie affair! Look elegant and sexy in this little outfit. It comes with silver shoes and black stockings decorated with rhinestones.

Prim parts are copy/mod, system clothing copy only. You will need a browser that supports alpha layers to wear the shoes.

Available at Designs by Isaura


Monday, December 3rd, 2012

Helloooooo sexy man! Is that a pirate? No no. He’s a corsair! Kinda like a pirate, but oh so much hotter. Yo-ho-ho and pass me the rum, because a man in this outfit is sure to plunder some booty. The outfit includes: Shirt, shirt collar, jacket with shirt, jacket collar, jacket flexi bottom, jacket bottom with sword, belt, belt with sword, boots and boots alpha layer.

Prim parts are copy/mod, scripts and poses are copy only, system clothing copy only.

Available at Designs by Isaura