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Amaltea has had many adventures and has made many friends all over this alternate world. Here you will find many of her friends.

I wish to thank everyone involved with the stories behind these portraits.

Black Panthr

Black Panthr

Not much is known about Panther before he came to the Red Dragon Inn (he has a name but its not generally known). Because of his postion as proprietor of the Red Dragon Inn, he stays there in his room most the time, but it's said he has a retreat in the hills to the northeast of the city. He also owns a cabin in the woods to the north of the Red Dragon Inn, but has not been there since shortly after the disappearance of his fiancee and children.

His favorite form, and the one he's most commonly found in, is the one pictured here -- a bipedal feline. He has limited telepathy, which is strongest with animals or others who possess this ability. His metabolism is incredibly fast. Wounds, for example, heal at a very accelerated rate and seemingly with no scarring. Poisons of natural origins have little if any effect on him. His strength and senses are well beyond that of a normal human regardless of which physical form he takes.

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