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Amaltea has had many adventures and has made many friends all over this alternate world. Here you will find many of her friends.

I wish to thank everyone involved with the stories behind these portraits.

Mydin Blachknyght

Mydin Blachknyght

To the north of the Red Dragon Inn looms the tallest peak in Rhy-Din, Mount Bane. Its jagged black slopes are home to one of the oldest residents of Rhy-Din, Mydin Blachknyght.

Shrouded by perpetual storms, this realm of ever-night is surrounded by legends, both of Mount Bane itself and the sole being that dwells there. Though many of the legends are known to be true, many still circulate as just that – legend?

The most popular version tells the story of an ambitious young magic-user from a forgotten era who turned to the dark arts early on.

Raised in privilege, Mydin Blachknyght was provided with the best education in the arcane arts that status and money could provide. He was the arcane academy's greatest hope as a force for good in the troubled lands of Rhy-Din. Blachknyght, however, was unsatisfied by the limits that the academy's teachings possessed, and it was not long before he was seduced by the forbidden black arts. It was not long before his family and the academy learned of his evil pursuits and banished him from his homeland.

Years went by, and Blachknyght grew in power exponentially as he developed his own system of manipulating the raw energy of the world around him. He became bent on conquest and began war that lasted for decades as he ruthlessly pursued absolute power in the land.

Along the way, he met the Lady Niniel, or "Tear Maiden" in the elven tongue. That which the archmage never thought could happen did, he fell in love with her. For her, he would do anything. Anything, but relent. For almost two years during the war, they met in secret, in love, but cursed from the beginning by Blachknyght's actions.

It was Niniel's father that eventually struck Blachknyght down, even as Blachknyght's forces tore through her home. She was accidentally killed in the battle as her father and Blachknyght wielded their deadly magics against each other. There the war ended, as the Lady Niniel, her father, and Blachknyght died in the last fortress that had stood for the sake of the land.

It was there as well, that the Gods themselves intervened in Blachknyght's fate. They took his shattered body and twisted it into something Else. He was made to exist forever in a pseudo-human form, while wholly a spirit. His form was wracked by perpetual pain, and his ears constantly heard the screams of the innumerable people's deaths he had caused.

So it went, for many thousands of years. He lived in the ruined ramparts and battlements of the Keep atop Mount Bane, never venturing into the world, a wraith only rumored to exist. Until recently.

Approximately twenty years ago Blachknyght's curse was lifted, and he reinvented himself into the current realms of Rhy-Din. Yet still, legend and rumor are the most of what's known about Mount Bane?

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