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Dinkies Game of Thrones

Dinkies Game of Thrones

Dinkies Jon Snow Outfit

Winter is Coming…why wait until the White Walkers are beating down the gates before you suit up for the epic battle to come? This warm and strong uniform is just the thing to keep you from being the next statistic. The Jon Snow outfit includes: Rigged armor, pants, belt, boots and cloak. The sword is sculpty and safe scripted.

Dinkies Khaleesi Outfit

Dinkies Khaleesi Hair

Holy Mother of Dragons!! doesn’t matter if you’re seated on the Iron Throne, or the back of a dragon as it streaks through the skies, you’ll look like a queen in the elegant yet practical gown, and you won’t get a hair out of place with this lovely braided number in a variety of colors. The Khaleesi outfit includes the dress, sandals and a dragon prim necklace. Khaleesi hair is made of sculpts and prim parts and is copy/mod. (Yes, the hair can be modified to fit Tinies.)

All mesh and prim parts are copy/mod. Scripts and animations are copy only.

Available at Designs by Isaura