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Fantasy Wedding

Friday, February 11th, 2011

Remember, your wedding day is YOUR special day. When you are walking down that isle, you want to take his breath away and ensure he never forgets that moment. Look like a fairy tale princess with this gown of white satin and lace, trimmed with pearls and white lilies. You can wear the dress without the train and you can either dress it up or let your hair down for a more casual look. The matching bouquet comes with a wedding AO with poses for standing, sitting and walking.

The shoes include a version with alpha prim and the usual invisiprim. They are resize scripted and have a skin color hud. The shoes are copy only.

The jewelry set includes necklace, circlet, earrings and two bracelets. It has bling that can be turned off. The set is Mod/Transfer only.

The full outfit includes top, bottom, flexi skirt, flexi skirt without the train, sleeves, veil, bouquet, shoes, necklace, earrings, bracelet and circlet.

All system clothing is copy only, prim parts are copy/mod, scripts are copy only.

Available at Designs by Isaura