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Count Dinkula and the Countessa

Wednesday, October 19th, 2016

I VANT TO DRINK YOUR WOOTJOOS! Stalk the night in this elegant ensemble! The outfit includes the top, pants with shoes, cloak, fangs, and medallion.

Count Dinkula

HELL IN HIGH HEELS! Be the elegant succubus in this gown, with spiked heels to match! The outfit includes, the top, skirt, shoes with leggings, necklace, makeup (Dinkie kitty only!) and fangs.

Dinkies Countessa

Available at Designs by Isaura

New Halloween Costumes

Wednesday, October 19th, 2016

For this Halloween I’ve created a goth fairy outfit for Dinkies, Tinies and RooU avatars. Also have a few other costumes for the Dinkie avatar.

First for the Dinkies I have the Ringmaster, it comes with a jacket, pants, boots, hat and a scripted whip to whip it good!

Dinkies Ringmaster

Also have the Voodoo Priest and Voodoo Priestess for the Dinkies. Both outfits come with a rigged snake that will bend with the Dinkie body. The outfit will fit kitties and bunnies, but the makeup is for the Dinkie kitty only.

Voodoo Priest

Voodoo Priestess

The Goth Fairy is available for the Dinkies, Tinies and RooU avatars. The Dinkie fairy comes with special goth makeup, but it will only fit the Dinkie kitty. The outfit will fit any Dinkie body. All three sets come with a pair of unscripted and modify wings. The scripted wings are copy only.

Dinkies Goth Fairy

Roo Goth Fairy

Tiny Goth Fairy

Last but not least the Penny Hair! The Penny hair is available for Dinkies, Tinies and RooU avatars. The Dinkies and RooU hair is rigged. The Tiny hair is non-rigged mesh that can be adjusted to any head. The hair is available in 18 colors!

PennyRoo Hair

Dinkies Penny Hair

Available at Designs by Isaura