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Amaltea has had many adventures and has made many friends all over this alternate world. Here you will find many of her friends.

I wish to thank everyone involved with the stories behind these portraits.



Xenograg sits at the desk in his laboratory within the Monastery of Arra. Opening his journal to a new page, he sets down his thoughts.

"It has been two weeks since I banished the catdemon Shakira back to Hell. I wrote of it then, but the time since has provided me a better understanding of the events."

"As always, my mistakes stand out. The advantage I squandered during the sorcerous battle in the Red Dragon Inn is the most glaring. I have regained almost all of my former power but wielded it crudely that night! I damn near killed myself when she reflected my attack back upon me (and that's not the first time that's happened, either). The Cloak saved me but I never recovered from the resulting loss of balance and position. Only the presence of KnightHawk and Cullyn (may he rest in peace) saved me from being at Shakira's mercy, or lack thereof."

"I made not one but two mistakes during the battle in the Great Hall. Almost recieved a dagger in the back from the first one. The second was a strategic mistake I am going to live to regret. I should have given Baphelocutis command over the magic circle that held Shakira. I know now that a mixture of pride and desire for control made me want to be her banisher. Oh yes, 'the great sorcerer Xenograg' - Shakira saw through me then and there. She called it right. I must guard more vigilantly or pride will be my downfall. She saw that weakness, and knows."

"Bapheloc and Jayne were married recently. The wedding was a great event. Jayne walked down the isle on Blue's arm. Amaltea, beautiful in her dress, and I standing tall beside Baphelocutis at the altar. Everything was perfect until Bapheloc found the 'gift' left behind the altar by Shakira. The celebration was brought to a halt when they read the note left in the box along with a black cat stuffed toy: 'Enjoy while it you can.' Was it merely an instrument to blacken their wedding, or was it a real threat?"

Xenograg puts down the stylus and rereads the entry. Lessons learned. He knows he cannot afford to make more mistakes, or show weakness.

"Good luck." he tells himself cynically.

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