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Amaltea has had many adventures and has made many friends all over this alternate world. Here you will find many of her friends.

I wish to thank everyone involved with the stories behind these portraits.

Duke Lothair

Duke Lothair

Yllowfort was an independant kingdom until the reign of Lothair's father, when it was defeated and annexed by the kingdom of Barsi. In the interest of peace, Amaltea was to marry Lothair, thus uniting the two royal dynasties. Lothair disgusted Amaltea, however. Rather than wed him she fled to Rhydin.

Lothair's bitterness became hate when Amaltea returned several months later and announced she had married a foreign noble named Xenograg. Lothair swore to himself he'd have Amaltea and the two kingdoms. He began to dabble in the forbidden art of sorcery for the power to seize the throne.

His simple summonings soon attracted the attention of a major demon named Shakira. Shakira saw in Lothair a weapon to use against Xenograg, who was a great annoyance to her. She appeared to Lothair and offered him sorcerous power in exchange for her nemesis. Lothair agreed. The evil bargain was sealed with a kiss -- one that gave Lothair his new power but also stole away his youth! Lothair was suddenly a gaunt, white-haired old man. This only fueled his hate and desire to crush anyone in his way.

By this time Amaltea had given birth to a son and heir. Lothair decided to kidnap the infant, Torin, as the first step in his plan. Amaltea prevented the kidnapping but at the cost of her own capture. Lothair withdrew with his prize to his castle and waited for Xenograg's inevitable rescue attempt.

Shakira had mentioned that Xenograg was also a sorcerer but he ignored the warning. Xenograg penetrated the castle defenses with ease and surprised Lothair in his own sanctum. The sorcerous battle quickly turned against Lothair, and he called upon Shakira to help him. Already having what she needed, Shakira betrayed Lothair without hesistation. She slew him and carried off the captive Amaltea.

Xenograg pursued but that is another story.

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